We are partnering with Honey Lake Clinic to provide individual and group therapy with licensed Christian therapists for those that are struggling to reclaim their lives and achieve their God given potential. We envision Honey Lake Clinic as a refuge for those in need of Freedom and mental health care. For those that are seeking to walk in wholeness for themselves and their family, register below.

Continue the Conversation

Continue the Conversation


Join Dr. Henry Cloud & Pastor Stovall Weems FREE online event designed specifically for Pastors and Ministry Leaders.

Learn mental health tactics and strategies to assist both yourself and those under your leadership.

Livestream available: online.celebration.org, Celebration Church Facebook, Celebration Church YouTube, and online.arcchurches.com




God desires all of us to walk in wholeness and that includes our mental health.
We know that life can be difficult and many times, we cannot control what happens to us, but we can control how we respond to it. God wants to bring wholeness and healing to our lives. Your mental health matters.

We believe it is critical to establish a safe place for Pastors to have conversations, share struggles and find hope. Our goal is to develop a relationship with you that will pave the way for your personal success, growth and healing. We achieve this through 1:1 Coaching, Resources, and Retreats. In this program you will receive a customized wholeness plan, encouragement and activation from Ps. Bryan Schwartz and his team.

Honey Lake Clinic is the #1 Christian mental health program in the United States. It offers Bible-based, psychological care by licensed experts in scenic, world-class accommodations. Specialized treatment programs help those struggling with addictions or psychological issues reclaim their lives and achieve their God-given potential. Programs include: Pastors and Leaders Refresh, Addiction Recovery, Mood Disorders, Anxiety Disorder, Psychological Struggles, Burnout and many others. Visit honeylake.clinic for more details.

In this workshop you will discover the skills you need to have healthy relationships that will bring emotional and relational stability to your life. You will learn how to form intimate relationships, to have healthy independence and understand how to process the good and bad in yourself and others. Applying these principles to your life will result in healing, emotional and spiritual growth. To register for this virtual discussion group, visit the Celebration App. For resources click here, and click here to register for a local class.

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The Whole Story is a daily reading plan that is in partnership with the Bible project! It’s a dated plan that reads through the Bible chronologically in 1 year with daily prayers and bible project videos incorporated throughout. Make sure to add it to your daily routine as it’s an incredible resource for you and your family to discover the Bible in a whole new way.


Connect and engage with us all week long via the Celebration App. You can now watch our latest messages, give online, view our most updated outreach opportunities and register for our upcoming events, all from your mobile device. Simply text CELEBRATION to 77977 and follow the prompts or click the links on below.