God is moving in the life of Celebration Church as we align our lives to the Kingdom of God and begin demonstrating loyalty to Jesus through baptisms, tithing and giving, operating as the priest of the home, honoring the Sabbath on Friday nights and leading others in communion, serving our local city, and more! If you have a testimony of God doing something in your life, we would love to know!

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Jackie W.
My family has been attending Celebration for three years, however, over the past year and a half we have had so much favor over our finances, marriage, work, family, and most importantly our relationship with Jesus!
Our family began tithing and immediately had a 10% raise, shortly after we had another 10% raise, and then another 15% raise after that! We were taught how to steward our finances and paid off over $40,000 in debt, along with receiving freedom from the need of materialistic things.
My daughter suffered from major mental health issues since 7th grade, by 12th grade she was diagnosed with bipolar II disorder, she was on four different medications, and attended multiple therapy and psychiatrist appointments. She was mad at God and lacked a personal relationship with him. We had been attending Celebration for one year when things began to change for our daughter. Long story short, she is now off all medication and has been healed in Jesus name! She now has a real relationship with God!
My husband and I started honoring the Sabbath in our home and have found restoration in our marriage through a lot of healing, encounters, and convictions. Our marriage is incredible, filled with joy and peace, we love being around each other again!
Thank you Pastor Stovall and Celebration Church for loving and leading us like family!