We know that life can be difficult and most of us would say that we have experienced trauma or deep disappointments. Many times we can not control what has happened to us but we can control how we respond to it. God wants to bring wholeness and healing to our life. We can choose to take the steps necessary to gain freedom in our own life and in our relationships. We hope you decide to join us on this journey of healing and lay hold of your best life moving forward. God is for you!

We currently offer the following resources & discussion groups:

In this discussion group you will discover the skills you need to have healthy relationships that will bring emotional and relational stability to your life. You will learn how to form intimate relationships, to have healthy independence and understand how to process the good and bad in yourself and others. Applying these principles to your life will result in healing, emotional and spiritual growth. Click here to register for the virtual Churches That Heal discussion group. To purchase the workbook please click here.

We know that true freedom can only be found in Jesus. In this discussion group you will learn how to gain freedom from anxiety, fear and the burdens of your past. We will learn how to tear down unhealthy thought patterns and replace them with the truth of God’s word. You will discover a path from brokenness to blessing. To register for this virtual discussion group click here. To purchase the workbook click here.