We are God’s Family pursing God’s Kingdom.

This is phrase is the core of who we are.  Our desire is to see every person who walks through our doors learn to live life with God at the center.  As a church, we are intentional in pointing people to pursue Christ in every aspect of life.

This is why we have EQUIP where we will offer sessions during the week that will provide the tools necessary to pursue a God and His Kingdom in the other 167 hours of your week outside of the 1 hour of Sunday service.  We know that becoming a disciple of Christ is a process and we want to equip you to move toward him in every area.

For more information, email us at equip@

We know that true freedom can only be found in Jesus. In this workshop you will learn how to gain freedom from anxiety, fear and the burdens of your past. We will learn how to tear down unhealthy thought patterns and replace them with the truth of God’s word. You will discover a path from brokenness to blessing. 

In this workshop you will discover the skills you need to have healthy relationships that will bring emotional and relational stability to your life. You will learn how to form intimate relationships, to have healthy independence, and understand how to process the good and bad in yourself and others. Applying these principles to your life will result in healing, emotional, and spiritual growth.


Connect and engage with us all week long on Instagram and Facebook. If you don’t see what you are looking for or simply want to reach out or ask a question, text CONNECT to 25101.



The Whole Story Bible Plan has shifted to the YouVersion Bible App! We are so excited to release this powerful devotional plan to the world. In order to access the plan, follow these simple steps!