Would you like to view your giving history? Click here to view your entire giving history regardless of the method from which you gave. You can also use this link to cancel your recurring gift in our former online giving portal and switch it over to our new, more intuitive system. If you are currently giving via text or your personal bank account, you can still utilize those methods. Further instructions are below.

Please note: If you’re creating a new online account and need help, please contact the Accounting Office at

Other Ways To Give


Giving via text from your smart phone is a fast, convenient way to give. If you currently give via credit card during the service this is great alternative that will save you time and accuracy.

Text Giving: Start Here

1. From your phone’s SMS messaging, text the amount of your gift to the phone number for your campus (listed below). Example: Text $270 Tithe to (407) 477-4745

Orlando 407-477-4745

Keywords: Tell us what you’re giving toward.
Tithe, Heart (for the House), Offering, Missions (Ex. $100 Offering)
2. If you’re new, you’ll be prompted to complete your Name, Email Address, Credit Card # and Expiration Date. You’re done!

3. You’ll receive a confirmation text and email of your gift.


If you have stocks, bonds, mutual funds, precious metals, vehicles or any other assets that you would like to donate to Celebration Church, please contact our giving office at


Many employers and organizations offer Charitable Gift Matching programs that enable you to double, sometimes triple your gift. Some will even match gifts made by retirees and/or spouses. Inquire with your employer to check program availability. Any required paperwork may be mailed to:

Celebration Church Orlando
PO BOX 536666
Orlando, Fl 32853

Personal Online Banking

Personal Online Banking is a common way of giving via your checking or savings account. Simply log onto your bank’s website to access your personal account, and follow their instructions for adding Celebration Church as a new payee. Enter your donation, and your bank will send Celebration Church a check. Our payee information is as follows:

Our payee information is as follows:

Celebration Church Orlando
PO BOX 536666
Orlando, Fl 32853


Use Your Bank

Do You Pay Bills Online?

Your bank can send us your donation.

Have Questions?

If you have additional questions concerning giving or donations, please call the Celebration Church Giving Office at
(904) 737-1121 or contact us at:

To view our privacy policy, please click here.

Merchant Services

Tithe Challenge

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    Tithing is an act of worship and obedience to God. However, it is also a commandment tied to great promise. Nowhere else in the scripture does God say to “Try it! Put me to the test!” (Malachi 3:10 NLT) When we tithe, God promises to bless us. Those blessings look differently for each of us and though God’s blessing is not our motive for tithing, it does remind us of God’s goodness toward us.

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    90% of our income with God’s blessing will always go further than 100% without it.

    Our challenge to you is to start tithing faithfully – a full 10% of your income – for 90 days. After that time, if you have not tangibly seen the blessing of God in your life, we will return all that you have given during the challenge.

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    COMMIT TO TITHE the first 10% of all income as an act of faith.

    RETURN YOUR TITHE by giving to your Celebration campus, online or via text for the next 90 days.

Are you ready for the 90 DAY Tithing Challenge?

Common Questions

We offer several convenient ways to give. Click the “Giving Information” tab above to explore both physical and electronic options.

Login to your Online Giving Account to see all of your existing contributions. This InFellowship account is also the source of your end of year statement for your tax records. If you’re creating a new account, please allow approximately 3 business days to see your giving history. Your Login will be the same for giving, group participation and past event registration.

An Online Giving Account provides the most popular and flexible giving option. The use of your own private Username and Password guarantees all transactions are secure at all times. Celebration Church utilizes Fellowship Technologies which implements multiple levels of encryption and safeguards for your data.

Whether you’re donating to someone going on a trip or you’re doing so yourself, there are two methods you may use to give. Complete a Giving Envelope with both names and the intended trip code. Give via PayPal and be sure to note in the transaction memo line both the recipient and the trip code.

An Online Giving Account provides the most popular and flexible giving option. You may give at your convenience OR schedule your donations on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly recurrence that can be easily edited by you at any time.

Please allow 5-7 business days for your check to clear. Beyond this, if you still have concerns you may email us at

At Celebration Church we have implemented systems and budgets that require your giving dollars to be allocated specifically towards Kingdom work. There are multiple checks and balances in place that constantly monitor our systems. We also subject ourselves to an annual voluntary external audit; the result of which is published here on the website.

All of our giving options allow you to designate the location you are giving to as well as note your donation as tithe, heart for the house, offering or missions.

Putting God first in our finances demonstrates we trust in God’s faithfulness to meet all of our needs.

Financial and practical care is available to all of our members. Click here here to read more details and how we may be able to help.


Celebration Church is accredited by the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, which requires high standards of biblical accountability, board governance, financial transparency, integrity in fund raising, and proper use of charity resources.